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Restorative Dental Fillings, Crowns, & Implants

Maintain the natural appearance of your teeth with services from Brian D. Shuman, DMD. Our office in Kingston, New Hampshire, rebuilds and restores teeth that have been compromised by fracture or decay, with dental fillings, crowns, implants, and dentures.

Depending on the amount of tooth missing, we determine the ideal material for restoration, taking function and cosmetic appeal into consideration. Different options and price points are available, with the patient having the final decision. We'll discuss all possibilities, including fillings, dental crowns and bridges, and dental implants.


Bring back the joys of eating and smiling with our partial, full, and immediate dentures (temporary dentures are placed the same day teeth are removed). Our office also offers mini implants and attachments to help secure your dentures.
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Contact Brian D. Shuman, DMD to improve your quality of life with our restorative dentistry.
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